Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beer Festivals!!

In our first couple weeks here in Denver, we've already been to two beer festivals and they were very enjoyable. My first weekend at my new job, my boss kindly thought of us when he had an extra pair of VIP tickets to the Stapleton  Beer Festival. It was great! We got there early and had the opportunity to taste special release brews from numerous breweries. All of which are fairly new to us besides the ones that can distribute to FL. They had a band playing in the park and lots of tasty food truck options. I'm very grateful we were able to go. 
The second festival we went to was Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp. Right in front of the capitol building and in park. We also got a little surprise when we noticed who was performing. March Forth! An awesome band we first saw at Bear Creek at Suwannee. Beer Camp was just as incredible as far as the amount to choose from, but we joined up with a couple friends and rode the light rail home, so we were able to taste all we wanted and didn't have to drive home :) This is a city designed for beer festivals. Everything was organized and not over crowed. We had a blast at both and we are excited to visit more epic breweries now that we live in the beer capitol.